Alison Knill

Disseminating research in the health and psychology fields to the general public


University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, 2018-2020

  • Master of Journalism, expected graduation 2020

University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, 2013-2016

  • B.Sc. majoring in Psychology, May 2016. GPA 3.7

University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, 2012-2013

  • Coordinated Science Program
  • First year science program for students entering the Faculty of Science who meet standards of high academic achievement in High School


UBC Faculty of Arts Graduate Award, Vancouver, BC, 2018

  •   Granted under the recommendation of UBC Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies

Alberta Scholarship Program, Calgary, AB, 2010-2012

  • Alexander Rutherford Scholarship
  • Awarded for high academic achievement at High School level

Writing and Media

  • Knill, A. (2019, May 31). Building confidence in a new experience: Janice Bailey, scientific director. SCWIST Storybook. (Here)
  • Knill, A. (2019, April 20). Alexandra Nestertchouk & Hopkidz: Giving parents flexible childcare options to fit their lifestyles. SCWIST Storybook. (Here)
  • Knill, A. (2019, April 16). Space with coffee: Kate Howells on her passion for science. SCWIST Storybook. (Here)
  • Cornell, K. & Knill, A. (2019, March 13). Nurse on Campus TOV. Created for UBC Integrated Journalism. (Here)
  • Knill, A. (2019, March 10). The WHY of technology entrepreneurship in creating educational economic access. SCWIST Storybook. (Here)
  • Knill, A. (2019, February 25). Making a safe place for women in business: Humaira Ahmed on Locelle. SCWIST Storybook. (Here)
  • Knill, A. (2019, February 23). UBC study shows cognitive performance and brain activity an important factor in exercise. The Thunderbird. (Here)
  • Knill, A. (2018, November 30). Head injury in soccer a real risk, study suggests. The Thunderbird. (Here)
  • Knill, A. (2018, October 27). AMS Food Bank works to keep up with student need. The Thunderbird. (Here)
  • Knill, A. (2018, October 11). UBC IUD clinic expands student access to contraception. The Ubyssey. (Here)
  • Knill, A. (2018, April 10). Student club petitions UBC to provide more comprehensive undergraduate neuroscience education. The Ubyssey. (Here)
  • Knill, A. (2018, March 13). Study: For patient with spinal cord injury, electrical implant alleviates unpleasant vertigo. The Ubyssey. (Here)
  • Knill, A. (2018, 14 February). Study: Smell your partner’s borrowed hoodie for stress relief. The Ubyssey. (Here)
  • Knill, A. (2017, November 21). Study: Scientists find whole body is involved in the development of Alzheimer’s. The Ubyssey. (Here)
  • Knill, A. (2017, November 6). New eco-friendly cement from UBC withstands earthquakes estimated for Victoria and Vancouver. The Ubyssey. (Here)
  • Adibmoradi, M., Gacad, A. & Knill, A. (2017, October 11). $42 Million of federal funding to provide ‘absolutely essential’ support for UBC science and engineering. The Ubyssey. (Here)
  • Knill, A. (2017, March 23). Study: How to build a welcoming healthcare system. The Ubyssey. (Here)
  • Knill, A. (2017, March 3). Having self-compassion could reduce students’ stress. The Ubyssey. (Here)
  • Knill, A. (2017, February 4). The science of the new Aquatic Centre. The Ubyssey. (Here)
  • Knill, A. (2017, January 19). UBC students petition university for plastic repurposing centre. The Ubyssey. (Here)
  • Knill, A. (2016, November 26) Vancouver vaccination rates vary greatly by neighbourhood. The Ubyssey. (Here)

The Ubyssey, Vancouver, BC, 2016-Present

  • Staff writer responsible for writing articles using information gathered, with editing by the section editor prior to publishing.
  • Pitched viable ideas and conducted the in-depth interviews of appropriate sources.

UBC Alzheimer’s Clinic, Vancouver, BC, 2015-2016

  • Test supervisor responsible for administering Cognigram test to patients with various levels of dementia severity.
  • Gained insight into research conducted in the health field. Acquired strong interpersonal skills to help patients should they become frustrated or agitated.

UBC Social Cognition and Emotion Lab, Vancouver, BC, 2014-2015

  • Research assistant responsible for running participants in experiments, collecting and analyzing data.
  • Hosted training sessions for new Research Assistants and often developed the study materials to be used (i.e. online surveys).
  • Gained in-depth insight into the many different aspects required to run a study through to publication.

UBC Chemistry Outreach Program, Vancouver, BC, 2012-2014

  • Performed interactive chemistry experiments to spark interest for chemistry in underprivileged middle school children.
  • Learned how to present science in a manner that is interesting and exciting for a wide audience.


Society for Canadian Women in Science and Technology, BC, 2019-Current

  • Communications intern responsible for contributing content to the SCWIST Storybook and bi-monthly newsletter
  • Conducted interviews and pitched ideas for upcoming content and social media strategies

UBC Social Cognition and Emotion Lab, Vancouver, BC, 2015-Current

  • Laboratory manager responsible for day-to-day lab maintenance, student salaries, organizing and hosting graduate student lab meetings and handling finances and grants.
  • Complete all purchases for studies in accordance with Tri-Council Policy and complete necessary paperwork for reimbursement.
  • Responsible for the secure storage of confidential study data.
  • Manage conference travel for the Principle Investigator, including time-sensitive booking of flights, hotel and conference registration.

UBC MAGIC Lab, Vancouver, BC, 2016-2017

  • Helped to conduct background research by reading up to 100 research publications and pulling the main statistical findings from each.
  • Learned how to quickly read and comprehend the main findings of research publications.

Special Skills

  • Adept at using WordPress, Microsoft Office, Qualtics and IBM SPSS Statistics


  • Cooking, recreational reading, yoga and nature walks.

 References     Available on request.