Hi! I’m Alison and I’m a UBC Master of Journalism student. I completed my B.Sc. majoring in Psychology in 2016 from UBC and have also been working as the manager of the Social Cognition and Emotion Lab.

I got my start writing journalistic pieces for UBC’s student newspaper, The Ubyssey, on a diverse range of topics from psychology to sustainability. Since then, I’ve written for The Thunderbird as part of my graduate program and for the SCWIST Storybook.

I’m drawn to journalism because I love learning about a diverse range of topics under the STEM umbrella and I’m able to explore and share my enthusiasm through my writing. My ultimate goal is help foster communication between research/STEM communities and the public and aid in knowledge translation.

I’m inclined towards online, written forms of journalism, but I’ve prepared pieces to present on social media platforms (see below).

A list of my published writing can be found on my resume page and please don’t hesitate to contact me using the contact form provided!



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